What Are The Best Hybrid Bikes For The Money?

As a professional biker, you might already know what a hybrid bike is and it is designed to cross the mixing feature between a road bike and mountain bike to speed your ride on either city road or mountain trails.

However, have you known how to pick a good hybrid bike and the top best 5 that is worthy of your money? If the answer is not yet, here you go this is your article.

By listing the top 5 of the best hybrid bikes for your money, I will bring you the details of the best hybrid bike in categories and some small notices for your choice.

Well, let’s do it so!

Some Supposed Features

A best suitable wide hybrid bike should be from 28-32c which is in between the road bike and mountain bike. If they are too small as the size of a road bike, you might find the difficulty when riding on the mountain trails and the opposite side of the tires are too wide.

To compare with the mountain bike, the hybrid bike usually has flatter handlebars, so that it could perform a more relaxing experience with a straight back position.

The disc brakes are also used in most hybrid bikes to maintain safety with quick reaction and mudguard in wet, mud condition weather.

Gears Efficiency

Either you are riding a hybrid bike on a tough path or an easy urban way, you should highly consider the gear or terrain. An extra suspension fork or rigid fork should be taken care of. Any of the extraordinary on the hybrid is treated to ensure and enhance the comfort and easy ride over different topographic.

Top 5 Best Hybrid Bikes For The Money

Commuting Option – Masi Giramondo 700C

Commuting Option - Masi Giramondo 700C
Commuting Option – Masi Giramondo 700C

What should be the most consideration in your checklist? If it’s the distance and comfort in the commuting ride, this Masi Giramondo 700C is a perfect choice. By featuring the capacity to handle the long and heavy load, Giramondo 700C has the set of components that would make you satisfied.

Coming with tire clearance up to 29c, the hybrid bike has made it simple and durable to ride. The quick access and powerful stop are maintained and assured by the dual-piston and TRP disc brakes.

Included the brass urban design and flexible geometry that ensure your delight position when riding a long road, a Giramondo 700C also makes it easier for your ride with the chromo frame to help lighten the weight. By the flexible access and design, the Giramondo is pretty universal, either you are pursuing the commuting, recreations, or touring ride, this would be your safe and worth the money option.

Commuting Option – Canyon Urban Sport 5.0

Commuting Option – Canyon Urban Sport 5.0
Commuting Option – Canyon Urban Sport 5.0

Canyon bikes are known as the manufactory bikes brand with high-end products and racing bikes, but the Canyon Urban Sport might bring you another aspect in both price and experience.

With a black simply classic look, upfront seat position, and straight handlebars, it’s really suitable for man’s riding style. The Shimano’s Nexus-8 gears hub combined with the Knog Oil bell had made the performance in biking really made the Canyon Urban Sport stand out in the list.

Coming up with the 35c tires – in mid-range of size, so there is no doubt it is the best fit for the commuting option.

These advantages above could make the prices go up to $1,200, but if it’s still worth money for any professional bike.

Training Option – Cannondale Bad Boy 3

Training Option – Cannondale Bad Boy 3
Training Option – Cannondale Bad Boy 3

A calling out to all the city bike fans, this would be an affordable and featured bike for you. As a hybrid bike could lean on one or the other side in the design to fit with the user’s demand, this Cannondale Bad Boy 3 is the best to work on both needs, either riding in the urban or mountain road.

With a wide Byway tired 40mm, it will reduce most of the shock by soil on a mountain or dirt road. But be sure to take a look to maintain the good conditions of the pedals since there are some reviews about its slippery pedals on wet or rainy days.

Aluminum frame and fork applied, a Bad Boy 3 would bring a lightweight and comfortable ride. It also included a Shimado Tourney component set that I had mentioned for the beginner rider (*link), you will definitely enjoy the convenience and safety in any case.

Women Refer Option – Salsa Marrakesh

Women Refer Option – Salsa Marrakesh
Women Refer Option – Salsa Marrakesh

Salsa cycles are known as a universal bike brand for both women and men. And if the 3 bikes above are mostly suitable for men, the Salsa Marrakesh made it for both genders.

Coming with a lot of accessories, the eyelets and cages to hold the bottle are two bonuses that you might tick in the box. The steel frame is not lightening the weight but endurable for any bike. Similar to other commuting bikes. The upfront position of the seat helps you feel most comfortable when riding.

With a Shimano Alivio drivetrain, bikers won’t have to worry about the load due to the heavy handler. The pedals are made of carbon so it’s easy to drag and safe in wet weather.

If there are any cons the bike can bring up, I would pick the fact that it included the TRP Spyres disc brakes, not too strong in power but not a bad idea for an urban road.

Electric Options – Electra Townie Go! 7D

Electric Options – Electra Townie Go! 7D
Electric Options – Electra Townie Go! 7D

Rei co-op has never disappointed me by their electric models of Hybrid bikes, and Electra Townie GO! 7D is the best electric city bike I could rank.

Designed with a 7-speed Shimano rear, it will help you drive up hills easily with a boost of 250W motor. So you don’t have to worry if you’re preparing for trails trips ahead, just make sure you have it fully charged. With the power battery capacity – 309 Wh – and a maximum speed of 20 mph, your ride would be comfortable for sure on city roads. To be compared with the other e-bike, it should be at the top for bank power.

Another feature that the Electra Townie adds that suits the “city-life” is smaller wheels that help to speed up and accelerate in urban areas. With a nice, firm seat and the back upright handlebars, the bike will bring you the most comfy feel when riding.

With a price of about $1,500 for an e-bike, I personally don’t think it’s expensive. Attractive look and durable frame, it should be a consideration for the good spending.


Though there are different types of hybrid as the purpose, each of them has the specialized features that make it easy to choose. Be sure you check out the sizes that suit you when picking the best bikes, and these reviewed bikes are ensured to be flexible in size and capacity.

Above is mostly all the information that I hope can help you get the best hybrid for your money.

The bikes listed above are some best ones that receive numerous reviews – take a look – and pick your best!