"DH racing needed something fresh and this series is it. Girls are gonna rock it too!" Claire Buchar
"It will be great to add the DH1 series to 2012, this is something the true fans and riders alike have been waiting for." Steve Peat
"I'll never go downhill unless it's for DH1!" Chuck Norris
"The DH1 venues are absolutely awesome and fit perfectly in our calendar" Claudio Caluori
"I know that with Freecaster behind this, the show is going to be full on !" C├ędric Gracia
Maribor First DH1 Venue 12-13 May
"Can't wait to carve up this series, it's gonna rock" Chris Kovarik
"There has been room for more racing, and its nice to see someone stepping in and getting involved. I'm really excited to get 2012 season underway." Greg Minnaar

DH1 is a new Pro and Amateur Downhill Mountain Bike World Tour organised by Freecaster.tv.

Key Facts

  • 6 pro races
  • Dates & locations in-sync with UCI World Cup
  • 8 x HD Camera TV Production minimum
  • LIVE on Freecaster.tv with Rob Warner
  • Prize money per DH1 Race € 11,025
  • Prize money DH1 overall € 23,228

Event Format

  • Open to men and women
  • Qualifying open for 150+ entrants
  • 30 Riders in Small Final & 30 Riders in Pro Final
  • Top 20 Pros protected for Pro Final
  • Gap between Top 20 riders will be enough to show all of each run
  • Participation required in all events to qualify for final ranking prize money
  • 5 race results count, allowing teams to miss 1/6 races

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